05 September 2014

Drawing COMICS!

I´m quite busy lately with things that are not exactly drawing comics. I´ve given it a thought, and I think I´ll simplify my life to make more room for drawing actual COMICS.

So now:
- I´ve closed the online store. I´ll only be selling my books Muses a Gogo and Sketches a Gogo at my table at cons.
- I won´t be taking commissions to ship, or pre-con commissions. I´ll just be doing sketches on site at cons. If you want a more detailed piece of art, I use to bring original pages with me.
- I won´t be shipping interior art from my books. The right place to buy it is, again, at cons.

No packages, no commissions. That´s it. Starting from now I´ll be focused on what keeps me excited, my new book to be released by Dupuis: MO.NI.KA

05 August 2014

Freelance artist again.

Hey world! After 6 years, today I´m no longer a DC exclusive artist.
But I guess that "Studio Ghibli is closing" is a much more important thing to care about today! Did I ever tell you some of my first drawings as a child were from Conan the Future Boy? That´s a good anime...

If I figure out where I keep those drawings I´ll post them here.

11 July 2014

Vuelta a Formentera contra la Fibrosis Quística - Swim around Formentera Against Cystic Fibrosis

Amigos, la semana pasada viví una experiencia inolvidable participando en la 15 Vuelta a Formentera Nadando contra la Fibrosis Quística. No nadé, aunque no me faltaron ganas; estuve colaborando en dar a conocer esta enfermedad haciendo lo que mejor sé: dibujar.

Y aquí os presento el resultado: un cuadernito con ilustraciones en el que relato lo que viví allí y al que os invito que echéis un vistazo. Aquí tenéis el enlace al PDF.

Podéis copiarlo, reenviarlo, difundirlo, etc. Es más, os animo a que lo hagáis.

Si después de ver los dibujos os pica un poco la curiosidad, este video es muy ilustrativo y emocionante a la vez: "Respirando brazadas"

En breve se anunciará una subasta, posiblemente en eBay, de las acuarelas originales cuyo dinero irá destinado a cubrir las necesidades de la Fundación Respiralia.


Dear friends, last week I lived an unforgettable experience by joining the 15th Swim Around Formentera Against the Cystic Fibrosis. I didn´t swim, but I did what I do best: draw.

The result is a little illustrated book where I relate my days there. Please take a look at the free PDF.
I´m afraid it´s written in spanish only. I was handwriting it at the moment, and there´s still no english version available.

You can copy, resend and spread the file. I encourage you to do so, please.

If you liked the drawings, you may want to take a look at this lovely YouTube video: "Respirando brazadas" 

Soon an eBay auction for the original watercolors from the PDF will be announced. All funds will go to the Fundación Respiralia.

03 July 2014

Vuelta a Formentera I

Ahora mismo estoy en Formentera, donde acompañaré a los participantes de la XV Vuelta a Formentera Contra la Fibrosis Quística organizada por la Fundación Respiralia este fin de semana. Estaré haciendo una crónica dibujada en directo del evento. Iré subiendo algunos de los dibujos, si la conexión lo permite.

I'm at the beautiful Formentera island  (you want to Google it, believe me). This weekend I'll be doing live sketching at the XV Swim Around Formentera Against the Cystic Fibrosis event. I'll be postung sketches if I'm able to connect.